Anti-Piracy It is important that shipping companies make all effords to protect their crew and their ships. Do you really want to do something about the threat or you want to use the dice? We can offer certified professionals to be placed on board to instruct the crew on anti-piracy awareness. We can give advise on the protection of the ship itself by using Best Practises. The counseling starts at homeport before leaving. If needed it will carry on at sea to train seafarers how to act and specially what not to do. With non-armed security a ship is better prepared to sail through dangerous waters everywhere in the world. Even when in port. (Like South America). But there are companies that have the need for armed security. With armed security no ship has ever been hijacked or robbed. Does your company only need advice or assistance with ship security, like installing anti-piracy wiring, nets, safehouses and/or communication? Go to the contact page and ask for information. Just one question: Do you want to pay ransom, after care for personnel and delayment of cargo, oil etc.? Or do you pay security for prevention? SecDoc Security