Consultancy Consultancy on anti-piracy and anti-robbery, Networking and making assessments on anti-piracy for shipowners and developers of anti-piracy products. Visiting Conferences and seminars on behalf of your company is one of the possibilities. Contact for information. Contracting is on a daily basis. You need advise on how to deal with sailing through danger areas? Just contact me and I will take care of it. Shipping Company Training shipboard personnel in anti-piracy security is in most cases a problem. I can give advice how to deal with it and even arrange deployment of certified trainers on a project basis.     PRESENTATIONS When needed, a presentation on Piracy and Anti-piracy measures, facts and figures and do’s and dont’s are provided for shipowners, organisations and others who are interested. There are several ways to implement security. Let me investigate the possibilities for your shipping company, personnel management and security department.   SecDoc Security