.   Companies working in the US must have a full SVA implementation according to new legislation. Also companies connected to the US market need an SVA. Globally more companies have to comply to SVA implementation on all methodologies.   SVA (Security Vulnerability Assessment) Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) is a term now commonly adopted by many organisations to describe what was prior to “9/11” considered Risk Assessments. It is important to know who and what you are going to protect, and also equally important to know from who and what (Threat level) that you are required to protect against. Regardless of which methodology is utilised in carrying-out a VA, the essential elements comprise the following: Threat Assessment: This aspect involves identifying the likely level of threat that will apply to the facility, organisation, etc. In other words, is it necessary to protect from such adversaries as State ponsored Terrorists, or is the threat level more criminal in nature. Three types of threat levels are generally considered, being Outside Adversaries, Inside Adversaries and Cyber Adversaries. The Vulnerability Assessment for eacht client will detail those findings and recommendations that are appropriate for that particular client’s situation. They will be no less and no more than is required to provide the level of security to protect that particular facility or group of facilities. SecDoc Security