Maritime Security After World War II we said to our self: “We must safeguard and guarantee the freedom to sail the seas”. During the cold war we were working hard to make sure we could do so. After the cold war we thought: “We are safe”.                  This was a misconception. We entered the era of constant threats. Our homegrounds, our seaways, our ports, our ships and our seafarers are constant under threat. And now we have to meet something completely different. Since many years in particular areas, shipping has been a constant target for “Pirates”. Like South East Asia and South America. We sat down and did not so much as we thought it was not a constant threat. With the ever growing Piracy in the Somalian waters we are now caught in a downward spiral of playing cat and mouse with the Pirat organisations. We are now on the urge to ask our self; what can we do? SecDoc is in the field of advise, anti-piracy and security deployment to face the problems. We can offer you one of the solutions to safely cross the pirate infested waters. But! Are you willing to actively face the threat or do you want to use the dice. Look further what we can offer on short notice and in every field!   Do not underestimate        the threat Security at Sea SecDoc Security